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1. Does the PHR still require my horse to be of 50% or more Thoroughbred blood to be registered?

No. The 50% or more Thoroughbred bloodline is no longer required. In September 2000, the PHR moved to its new home at the United States Equestrian Federation (formally American Horse Shows Association). The move came as a positive development for the registry. Support over the years from various Warmblood registries began to play an important role in assisting the PHR to move forward with the vision of providing meaningful information to owners and breeders with regard to performance and pedigree in sport horse disciplines. Changes to the registry have included the ability of Warmblood owners to now register their animals with the PHR. Previously, Warmbloods were only eligible to be recorded with the PHR, which simply lent their pedigrees to research. These horses were eligible to participate in the awards program, which provided more performance-related information. Both the influence of the Thoroughbred on their Warmblood counterparts and vice versa has become quite noticeable. All horses are now eligible for registration with the PHR, which is a step beyond being simply recorded, to develop a comprehensive database of all breeds, their pedigrees and influences upon each other.

2. What is DNA typing?

DNA typing is similar to blood typing for parentage verifications, except it is much easier. Unlike blood typing, DNA typing does not require a veterinarian. Upon registration, the PHR will automatically send you a DNA typing kit, complete with instructions. All that is required is to remove 50-60 mane hairs from the root. Send the hairs, along with the provided form, to the lab at University of California at Davis for testing. The results are sent directly to the PHR from UC-Davis.

3. Is DNA typing a requirement for my horse?

We require DNA typing for breeding stock. If your horse is a gelding or under the age of two, DNA typing is not required. However, should you decline DNA typing and later decide to use the animal for breeding, you will have to DNA type the horse in order to make the foal eligible for registration.

4. What if my horse has been DNA typed with another registry?

There is no need to re-type your horse. If you can provide us with your horse’s breed registration number, registry name and case number, we can share the DNA information.

5. Am I automatically joined in the Silver Stirrup Awards program when I register my horse?

No. The Silver Stirrup Awards program requires a separate nomination. Forms other than the registration forms must be filled out to nominate the horse. This can be done for a one-time lifetime fee, or on an annual basis. To join the Silver Stirrup Awards program, click here.

6. How does my horse earn points for the Silver Stirrup Awards?

The Silver Stirrup Awards are based on points earned in open USEF recognized competitions. Therefore, the first step is that the competition must be recognized by USEF. Secondly, the horse must be recorded with USEF, and the owner must be a member. (Remember: Only recorded horses earn points with USEF.) Finally, and most obviously, the horse must place in the class. All points are based on USEF's Horse of the Year program. Those rules and point calculations can be found in the USEF Rule Book. For dressage and eventing, those point scales can be found on the PHR website under Silver Stirrup - Award Rules.

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