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American Performance Horse

The Performance Horse Registry and the United States Equestrian Federation has a new book for American-bred horses only. Beginning December 1, 2009, the American Performance Horse (APH) will be open to all American-bred performance horses. The goal for the APH is to showcase performance horses bred in the United States.

Q. What is considered an "American-bred?"
A. For competition purposes, bred means foaled. If there is documentation that states the horse was foaled in the United States, then it can be enrolled as an American-bred.

Q. How do I enter my horse into the APH?
A. You will need to fill out the request on a Federation Horse Recording form and submit a copy of the breed papers or a USEF Breeders Affidavit along with a $10.00 processing fee.

If the breed registry has a data share agreement with the Federation, your horse (if eligible) will automatically be placed in the APH at no additional cost to you. (For more information on this, breed registries should contact Ken Ball, PHR Registrar, at or via phone at 859-225-2035.)

The following breed registries currently have a data share agreement with USEF:

  • American Hanoverian Society
  • American Holsteiner Horse Association
  • Belgian Warmblood Breeding Association/NA District
  • Continental Studbook
  • North American Studbook
  • Swedish Warmblood of North America

Q. Does my horse have to be Recorded with USEF to be eligible for the APH?
A. No. Any horse born in the U.S. is eligible to enter the registry if they provide proof that they are American-bred. Horses enrolled by submitting breed papers or a USEF Breeders Affidavit will incur a small processing fee ($10.00).

APH horses will appear on APH Rankings Lists and will be eligible for APH Year-End Awards. Unless the horse is also recorded with USEF, it will not be eligible for future Incentive Fund payouts, Silver Stirrup Awards or USEF Horse of the Year Awards. However, the horse will appear on the APH rankings list and will be eligible for the APH Year-End Awards.

Q. How is the American Performance Horse recognized?
A. APH horses who are also USEF recorded will be designated with a special symbol in the USEF Horse of the Year standings. Additionally, if the APH horse is registered with a breed registry, that logo will appear as well.

Recorded and non-recorded USEF horses will be recognized on a ranking list for APH horses only. This list will also show the breed registry logo.

All horses enrolled will be eligible for APH Year-End Awards.

If recorded with USEF, horses get APH recognition printed on their recording certificate, but will not receive extended pedigree papers like with PHR.

APH horses can be enrolled in the Silver Stirrup Awards if they are also USEF recorded.

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